Bush meat african apes essay

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Asian and African Elephants

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What’s In The Meat? Essay

There are many different types of animals that are targeted in the bush meat trade, which is uncontrolled hunting of animals that inhabit the rainforsts. Big game like apes chimpanzees antelope and pigs account most of the deaths with over endangered lowland apes being killed yearly in.

Oct 17,  · Bushmeat Trade and African Apes Wildlife trafficking is a serious threat to the environment. Animals are normally taken from their essential home ground and sold on the black market for spacious amounts of money. Elephants are large land mammals in two genera of the family Elephantidae: Elephas and Loxodonta.

Three species of elephant are living today: the African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant (also known as the Indian Elephant).

The great apes constitute less than 1% of bushmeat sold on the market (John et al. ). The bushmeat trade represents a serious threat to the ape populations of Africa; it has distressed many conservationists and advocates of animal rights and great ape. In Martin Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, chapter 9 of the book focuses on a discussion of the state in which cattle in the US are reared for production of ground beef, such as that used by fast food chains such as McDonalds.

Bush meat african apes essay
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